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Myung Kim Acupuncture Clinic

Master Myung C. Kim 

- Nationally Licensed Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM)

- Massachusetts State License
- Over 50 years of experience
- 37th generation family tradition
- Only one of few Chi Gong Masters in the world to treat patients with  Acupuncture using Chi energy infusion

Author of:
Acupuncture for Self Defense (1971)                                      
Oriental Medicine and Cancer (1997)                                                                     
Chi Gong: Medicine from God (1999) 

Graduate of:
Emperors College of Oriental Medicine (1984)
Samra University of Oriental Medicine (1986)

  • First to introduce Acupuncture and pressure point theory of Martial Art in the West  in 1971.  

  • First to successfully introduce Acupuncture anesthesia at Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, Virginia in 1973.