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Dr. Myung C. Kim is the author of four books. They are available to purchase at the clinic.


Acupuncture for Self-Defense (1971)

Dr. Kim's first groundbreaking book is the first written in English regarding acupuncture in the United States.


Oriental Medicine and Cancer (1997)

Dr. Kim's second book goes more in depth about acupuncture theory in the modern western world, new interpretations of Yin/Yang theory and Five Element Theory, and learning how to diagnose cancer and other diseases.


Chi Gong: Medicine from God (1999)

Dr. Kim's third book explores the connection of Chi energy to God, and includes more than one hundred illustrations of how to give birth easily and numerous other techniques to a healthy life.


Tae Kwon Do (Kwang Moo Ryu Style) Volume 1 (2017)

Before Dr. Kim became an acupuncturist, he was a renown and accomplished Tae Kwon Do master in Korea. He participated in the Vietnam War as a Korean Tiger Troop. His fourth book (and first volume on Tae Kwon Do) explores the current state of the Korean martial art, what is wrong with it, and includes hundreds of photos with proper techniques.