Myung Kim Acupuncture, Chi Gong, Herbal Clinic


Master Myung Kim is without a doubt the finest healer through acupuncture that I have met in my lifetime. His knowledge surpasses that of any doctor I have known over 80 years. The saddest day of my life was when he left MA to live in OK. All of you have no idea what a miracle it is for you to have him with you.

- Joan S., Arlington, MA


It was my first pregnancy at 41 and I had a breach fetus in my womb at nine months. I consulted my gynecologist and friends. They said I might need a C-section; or I might try to find a doctor who can turn a baby around with massage. I heard that they give acupuncture one hour before birth in China. I consulted Master Kim. He told me that he could turn the fetus around without inserting needles, I did not believe it, but I tried his treatment anyway. He just touched a couple of acupuncture points with a needle and gave Chi energy. It took about five minutes.
One week later and after one more session, the fetus turned around. Master Kim treated me with Chi energy even during pregnancy When I was in delivery he sent Chi energy, I delivered a 8 pounds baby boy easily.
 - Elizabeth N., Concord, MA

I was in excellent shape, training for my second degree black belt, when I was struck by post-polio syndrome—something that stemmed from polio in childhood. I could not walk a block to get lunch during work without resting to relieve the pain. After treatment by Master Kim, I am recovered. A relative who is a physician has told me that mine is the most complete recovery from post-polio syndrome in his experience.
- Ralph P., Bedford MA

Chi Gong meditation helped me maintain my strength, energy and peace of mind during my battle with cancer in 1994. Chi Gong played a significant part in my success of beating my disease. Having practiced Chi Gong for 16 years, in December of 2009 I met Master Kim at a healing Chi Gong seminar in Concord MA,  Master Kim’s books and teaching allows even the most skeptical individual a chance to feel and experience the wonders of Chi Gong mediation.  

His commitment to the teaching of Chi Gong is above that of which I have seen, in all my years of practice. Master Kim is and extraordinary Chi Gong Masteralso my sense of smell had returned after being lost for 15 years. I can enjoy the taste of food even more than before.

- Hugh M., Franklin, MA


I went to Master Kim for treatment because my wife and I were unable to have a child. My physician informed me that I had a problem with low sperm count with inadequate mobility and motility. I was 35 at the time; my wife was 28. She had a clean bill of health. Three months later we became pregnant, after acupuncture treatment and practicing Chi Gong.

 - Timothy K., Cambridge, MA

I tried in vitro fertilization twice at age 33, but failed both times. Both times I had a miscarriage after a few weeks. Later I tried again with hormonal therapy and failed again.  I was referred to Master Kim. He gave me a package deal with three months acupuncture and Chi Gong instruction. My husband took Chi Gong class too. The ninth week I got pregnant with in vitro fertilization. I have a beautiful daughter now.
- Nicole Y., Cambridge, MA